Pow-R-Quik name has always been synonymous with excellence in air starting
systems. From new and remanufactured starters to repair kits, original parts
and components, The Pow-R-Quik brand is unequaled in the industry in terms of
performance, reliability and quality.


Corporation’s PRQ starting system division was formed in the early 1990’s with
the acquisition of Start Master from Stanadyne Corporation that was located in
Marion, Ohio and the Pow-R-Quik line that was acquired from Stewart & Stevenson
in Houston, Texas. Both companies were brought to Cleveland, Ohio and have been
manufactured here since then. Bringing together these brands has made PRQ the
broadest line in the non electric starting field. PRQ offers air, gas and
hydraulic starting solutions to start engines of all sizes. PRQ continues to
innovate in all segments of the industry bringing new products to market on a
continuing bases.


picOur parent company, Maradyne Corp., is based in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Maradyne
manufactures and markets a wide variety of industrial & commercial products
for original equipment and aftermarket applications on heavy-duty trucks;
construction, mining and agricultural equipment; marine, industrial and utility
engines; boats, ATV's and Industrial Utility Vehicles. Maradayne is part of the
Dreison International Company.

a privately held Cleveland, Ohio based company founded in 1977, owns and
operates manufacturing companies in Ohio, Texas, Mexico, and China.

These manufacturing companies specialize in the
design and manufacturing of proprietary products for both original equipment
and aftermarket customers. Market focuses include heavy-duty truck, off-road
equipment, mining, agriculture, industrial, commercial, transportation equipment
and the power sports industry.