ItalBest Valve

ItalBest Valve

ItalBest Valve has become a well-known and respected valve manufacturer, both in Italy and around the world, thanks to the entrepreneurial and determined spirit of our founder. We are driven by a strong desire to improve and work on new, innovative ideas.

Our production range includes ball valves, subsea ball valves, lubricated plug valves, triple offset butterfly valves, and HIPPS valves. Italbest Valve produces valves for every temperature, up to +650° C and cryogenic, for temperatures as low as -196° C and can offer you a fast-track delivery service for all valves thanks to a large in-house stock.

Given the projected growth of our ball valve production, and the steady increase and addition of the production of plug, butterfly, and HIPPS valves in our product line, our company requires a larger space. ItalBest Valve has purchased a new facility with a total area of 75.000 m2 of workshops and offices in Lonate Ceppino (VA) (North of Italy) making us the largest valve manufacturer, not only in Italy but in all Europe. We also have two ovens for varnishing and coating, sandblasters, and cranes lifting from 10 to 50 tons worth of weight. ItalBest Valve owns over 15 test benches and performs both classic hydraulic/gas tests and non-destructive tests.

We have space to do the special tests like a hyperbaric test and others of different materials and large dimensions that which can be carried out with the help of an 8-meter-deep pit, to test with high-pressure.

Specifically, the tests that can be performed in ItalBest Valve are:

  • Magnetic Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Dye Penetrant Test
  • Cryogenic Test
  • Hyperbaric Test
  • High Temperature Test
  • Visual Dimension Test
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Fugitive Emission Test
  • Positive Material Test and others

Furthermore, we provide customizable design features such as:

  • Fully Welded Design
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • High Temperature Applications
  • Stem Extensions
  • Pup Pieces
  • Transition Pieces with BW (ButtWelded) Ends
  • Metal-to-Metal Ball and Seats
  • Double Piston Effect
  • Self-Relieving Seats
  • Stem/Seat Grease Injection
  • ENP (Electro Nickel Plating)
  • TCC (Tungsten Carbide Coating)
  • CCC (Chromium Carbide Coating)